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Golden Apple Recipient: Amy Orvis of Montessori at Thurgood Marshall


Teachers have to prepare their students for any topic that comes up, even the tough ones.

One of the main reasons Amy Orvis of Thurgood Marshall received a Golden Apple Award was because of the way she teaches about diversity, which many of her colleagues say can be difficult for students to talk about.

Amy Orvis has been teaching Montessori for 22 years.

Many of her Golden Apple nominations say what sets her apart is the way she tackles diversity.

"It is a very diverse group of kids that I have," Mrs. Orvis says. So, we do focus on the diversity that we have in our own group."

But she says she takes it to world issues as well.

"Most of the literature that I choose to have the kids read either has some type of humanitarian issue, like right now we're reading a book called 'Nujood Age 10 and Divorced' that talks about child brides in Yemen," she says.

Along with issues about bullying, racism and hunger. She even brings it home, and informs them of the issues here in the Rockford area.

She says the focus is just the same on things that unite her students with others. She teaches them that we are all from one race, and that's the human race.

"I want every student to know how valuable they are and how much I respect and love them and how much potential they have," she says. "And, I also want them to see other in the same light, and look for the good in others."

Hoping they become advocates for themselves and for others.

The Golden Apple Awards ceremony is Friday, May 1.

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