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City of Dixon elects entirely new group of leaders, what this means for city's future


The City of Dixon looks to move the city in a new direction, with a new group of elected officials.

Developing an airport industrial park, revitalizing the city's west side and developing a community recreational center are just a few of the projects that the new Dixon city council has now inherited.

"It's all valid things that they want done, it's just the idea of which of those does the new council and new mayor feel are the priority," said Dixon city administrator David Nord.

The city's new mayor Liandro Arellano Jr., like all four council members is new to city hall.

"We are going to professionalize city operations," said Arellano Jr. "We are going to make it all about service to the citizens."

Tuesday night voters picked their leaders for the new form of government.

Dixon is adopting the council-manager government, which will take time.

The new city manager won't be hired for several months and the new council members aren't seated until May first.

Then it's catch up time on all those projects waiting for the green light.

"To really start healing the city and bringing them together, I felt it was important to get new leadership in and that's what a fresh start for Dixon is all about," said Liandro Jr.

The items on the priority list won't change, just the faces who will be deciding which projects will become a top priority as Dixon enters new territory at city hall.

"Under the new form of government again the mayor and the council have a very big big role as far as being the primary policy setters," said Nord. "We can bring forward suggestions and recommendations, but it's them that says 'yes we are going to do it' or 'no we are not'."

To avoid another complete slate of new leaders, two council members will be up for re-election in 2017 and then the other two in 2019.

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