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Out of space, Rockford's only domestic violence shelter building bigger

ROCKFORD (WREX) - The only domestic violence shelter in Winnebago and Boone Counties has been turning people away. Several hundred in fact, just in the last year alone. This isn't by choice. They don't have enough space. 

Remedies is building a new, bigger headquarters and construction is already underway. When you walk into Remedies domestic violence shelter you can find room sitting empty, right now. They are ready to help women and children in danger. 

"When they do come to the shelter they are in crisis it could be the difference between life and death, really," says Jane Armitage, vice president of development for Remedies. 

But there are times when Remedies is too full to help. 

"Last year we turned away 244 individuals that's women and children," Armitage says. 

Remedies hopes that will end when it relocates it's headquarters to the east side of Rockford from downtown. It will go from a 40 bed shelter to 62 beds. Plus, an outdoor playground, equipped with video monitoring. The current shelter does not have anywhere outside for children to play and be secure. 

"Our number one goal is to keep them safe," Armitage says. 

Remedies says the new location will also put their families closer to a grocery store, employment opportunities and health clinics. They also say their clients come from not just Boone and Winnebago Counties but some from all over the region to use the methadone clinic. It's prescribed to treat heroin addiction. 

"There are two epidemics in our community. The first is domestic violence, the other is heroin and opiate addiction and so we respond to both of those needs. Again, with the move we will be able to offer help to more people and again to truly save lives," Armitage says. 

 The new facility will cost $2-million to build. Remedies got the land donated and is currently raising money to fund the building construction.

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