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Golden Apple Awards: Rohini Gupta at Harlem High School

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This week 13 News continues to spotlight the Golden Apple Award winners.

Rohini Gupta has taught advanced math classes for more than 20 years in both the United States and India.

Gupta's wealth of teaching experience has led to a lot of attention from her peers and students.

Rohini Gupta teaches AP calculus and fourth year math at Harlem High School. While all teachers want to see their students succeed, Mrs. Gupta goes above and beyond.

"She helps us whenever we need help, like she meets us where we are and gets us to where we need to be," student Justin Porter says.

Justin is a senior at Harlem. He says Mrs. Gupta has the ability to make something as difficult as calculus enjoyable.

"Nobody can be like not participating when they're in my classroom, I can tell you that, because I don't let them," Mrs. Gupta says. "They're like totally with me at all times."

Many of her students and Golden Apple nominations say that also comes from her taking extra time out of her busy schedule to help them enjoy the subject.

"I want to make sure they don't have any questions on the material," she says. "It's my way of checking with them that they know before they delve into the quiz and to take care of their difficulties before they actually do the quiz or test or anything."

Even if it takes her out of her planning period or lunch time.

"I have students who really work outside of school," Mrs. Gupta says. "It's important for them, I mean it's a necessity for them to work outside. So, I have students who cannot come after school. So, I ask them to bring their lunch here and just come in and we'll work it out together."

Gupta says they deserve it. It's the least she can do for her students.

The Golden Apple awards ceremony is Friday, May 1.

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