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Rockford family needs donor to save their son

ROCKFORD (WREX) - A Rockford family may need your help save their son's life. The 8-month-old needs a liver transplant. They are asking people to sign up and be a donor. 

When Cillian Jacoby was born his parents knew something wasn't right. He was in and out of hospitals for months before he got this diagnosis biliary atresia. 

"He was only born with one bile duct and the bile duct that he had wasn't working," says Tiffany Jacoby, 

Cillian's mother. The condition is life threatening. Doctors decided to operate to save his liver. 

"They went in took out his gall bladder, took out all of his bile ducts and connected his small intestine to his liver in hopes of draining the bile out," Tiffany says.

It didn't work. Doctor's came back to the Jacobys and told them they are out of options and Cillian needs a new liver. 

"There was no shock or anything I was like I will give him mine," says Paul Jacoby, Jr., Cillian's father. 

Doctor's could take part of Paul or Tiffany's liver and give it to Cillian but they have to be a match. They still do not know if they are. 

"It's just scary that I couldn't be able to help my son as much as I want to," Paul says. 

Their next option will most likely be a donor. 

"They say there are over 2,000 kids who need an organ donation right now and that's the current data. So he is part of that 2,123 kids," Tiffany says.  

Right now, Cillian is getting medication and treatment to keep him healthy. But they know time is running out. 

"We absentmindedly check the organ donation box on the back of our license and we think we are never going to have to do this," Tiffany says. "This is who you are donating to. You are giving my son a chance at life." 

The Jacoby's have a go fund me site to help with Cillian's medical expenses. You can find more information here.

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