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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Blevins

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Teachers go out of their way to make their students feel comfortable all the time, but parents say Rockford Christian 2nd grade teacher Sue Blevins takes it all the way to their families.

For 28 years Mrs. Blevins has been teaching our youth, but parents say what sets her apart is the fact that she takes time out for them too.

"All year long I pray for these families, and I put them first in my heart just because you teach the kids, that's a big part of your day, but also your families are such an important part of your teaching," Mrs. Blevins says.

She adds it's those families that make her kids happy to come to school everyday, and that makes her eager to come back as well.

"Just the smiling faces and just to see how much they love and grow each day is so encouraging," she says.

And the kids say they can tell.

"We make her laugh and then she laughs super hard, and then we all start laughing," one of her students, Ethan Mott, says.

He says he tells jokes that his dad makes up

Mrs. Blevins says she has our future comedians right here in her 2nd grade class.

"How many tickles does it take to tickle an octopus?" Ethan asks?

"How many?"

"Tentacles," he laughs.

Well how can you not laugh at a joke like that?

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