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New initiative looks to clean up the streets of Rockford


As trash lines our streets, crowds our sidewalks and creates an eyesore in our community, one group is taking matters into their own hands.

With the help of their Alderman, Joe Nepean and Josh Woodman created the group Clean The Rock Rockford.

"I had been hearing from different people just complaining about Rockford," Nepean said. "I put a post on Facebook saying, just do something about it, do something for your town. Don't just sit there and complain about it."

Clean The Rock Rockford's goal is making the Forest City a better place to live.

"We could gather whether it's two, four, six, ten people, whatever the case is and actually make a difference," Woodman said.

Over the weekend Nepean, Woodman and seven others met on 20th street.

For nearly three hours, the group cleaned up 54 giant bags worth of trash.

They picked up all around the bridge, down the street and near houses, making residents and city leaders happy.

"There was an older lady who said 'thank you' and almost had tears in her eyes," Woodman said.

"It makes me one proud alderman that's for sure because there are people that are willing to stand up and take responsibility," said Alderman Jeanne Oddo.

Alderman Oddo feels the garbage is trashing the city.

"It doesn't help property values," Oddo said. "In my opinion, it promotes more crime when the streets are dirty and the property looks unkempt. The people are just not looking out for their area and so it creates other issues "

Clean The Rock Rockford plans to map out a schedule aiming to hit two streets each week, making Rockford not just a beautiful place to live but a clean one, one step at a time.

"My kids live here and my kids will grow up here and I don't want them walking through trash," Woodman adds. "I want them to be around good people and a good community."

To learn more about Clean The Rock Rockford check out their Facebook page here:

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