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Crundwell scandal leads to change in Dixon's form of government


It's been two years since the Rita Crundwell scandal broke, and the City of Dixon is looking to make changes.

Come springtime, the city's government could have a whole new look.

"Based on the issues that occurred over the last few years the citizens, after they did their task force, strongly felt that they needed to go to a more professionalized form of government," said Dixon City Administrator David Nord.

Nord was brought in as the city's first city administrator back in November of 2013. Before coming to Dixon, Nord served as village administrator of Cherry Valley for more than two decades.

In last November's elections, residents voted to change the city's current form of government.

"The city is switching from the commissioner form of government to the city manager form of government," adds Nord.

Currently on council are four commissioners and the mayor. The switch will allow the city to hire its first city manager.

That person would take over the duties of those four commissioners and they would then become city council members.

"They won't have the daily supervisory capacity they have now," said street department commissioner Jeff Kuhn. "But they'll just be able to work on their vision, work on their ideas, pass that on to the manager and say 'make that go happen'."

Although Kuhn's not running for re-election for that post, he is running for mayor.

Kuhn says he's against the idea of bringing in all new council members.

"There's so much to learn about city government, you have got to have someone there with experience," adds Kuhn.

Kuhn's only other opponent, Liandro Arellano Jr., says he's all for a fresh start.

"When you change your corporate strategy or coming off a problem, you get new leaders who help share that vision to help lead," Arellano said.

The City of Dixon will make the switch once its hired its city manager.

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