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Donations needed after Stephenson County animal hoarding case

STEPHENSON COUNTY (WREX) - Nearly 85 animals seized from a Stephenson County home are now in living in shelters in Freeport. It's strained resources for the groups that have taken them in. They are now asking the community for help.

When police arrived Monday at a house on North Heitter Road in Freeport, they found 150 animals — some of them dead, others in bad health. All were seized and now an effort is underway to take care of them.

"It has been very overwhelming," says Michelle Wilcox of the Friends Forever Humane Society.

Friends Forever, the Freeport Animal Hospital and Freeport Animal Control are taking care of the animals. It does not just take volunteers to get it all done.

"We've drained our hot water heater twice," Wilcox says.

"We're feeding close to a bag a day," says Nic Fellows of Friends Forever Humane Society.

Fellows says so are the other two places keeping the animals, which is why they put out the call to the community for donations. The list includes things like dog food, cleaning products ad toys. It took just just a few hours for people to show up with supplies

Though people are asking about fostering or adopting the dogs, it's still too early for that.

"If we get custody of them, we are hoping to get custody of them in 14 days then we can start fostering them out and adopting them. Otherwise it could be up to a year," says Kristin Laue, Stephenson County Animals Control warden.

That's why the groups are hoping people remember to keep bringing in items to help with these animals.

Individuals wishing to support this rescue are encouraged to bring supplies to Friends Forever at 966 W. Rudy Road in Freeport or the Freeport Animal Hospital at 321 East South Street in Freeport. In Rockford, supplies can be delivered to Home Depot, 6930 Argus Drive, who will deliver them to Freeport on Monday 23 March.

Supplies needed include:

1. Bleach

2. Garbage bags (all sizes) and zip ties

3. Blankets

4. Bath towels

5. Paper towels

6. Dawn dish soap

7. Laundry detergent, regular and HE (high efficiency)

8. Purina dog and puppy chow

9. Canned dog food

10. Newspaper

11. Tarps

12. Barn-type fans to help dry kennels quicker

13. Kong toys, all sizes

14. Peanut butter (to put into the Kong toys)

15. Metal dog dishes

16. Metal pooper scoopers
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