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Sportscore Two funding decision could come soon

LOVES PARK (WREX) - The Rockford Park District could find out soon if funding to expand a major sports complex comes through for the state.

Loves Park leaders are also set to give their first indication if Sportscore Two is designed to their liking.

The Park District is asking Loves Park to annex property into the city and rezone the land it currently owns.

Sportscore Two is already a 124-acre site with soccer fields, volleyball courts and an Indoor Sports Center.  As part of its Reclaiming First Initiative, the Park District wants to reconfigure and expand the property, adding more fields and additional parking, even a drive thru restaurant one day.

Loves Park's Zoning Board takes up the redevelopment plan Thursday night.  It's recommendation goes onto the next committee before the project is eventually voted on by the full council next month.

Governor Bruce Rauner put a hold on all state grants for Park District construction.  That includes $2.5 million for the Sportscore Two expansion.  The governor said in Rockford Wednesday a decision on funding could come soon.

"We're working with the General Assembly right now to reallocate money from non essential over into high priority areas," said Rauner.  "That process has been going on for a few weeks.  We hope to get that resolved in the coming days, and then we'll make a decision on which projects go forward with funding and which ones need to be delayed a little bit further."

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