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Rockford's 'Help Me Play' program to bring game of golf to youth


A partnership between the Rockford Park District and the First Tee of Greater Rockford could re-energize the game of golf in the community. 

"It's our goal. It's our passion. I believe it's our responsibility," says Mick Hockington, executive director of the First Tee of Greater Rockford. 

Officials have a plan to bring the game of golf to youth in the area, even those who normally couldn't afford to play. The program is called "Help Me Play."

People can donate to the program to help give youth transportation to and from the golf course as was all provide equipment. 

Rockford Park District Commissioner Doug Brooks believes the success of the program will translate to kids' lives. 

"Giving them the skills to play golf, and then instilling on them the core values of what golf is all about: it's about becoming a leader, but it's also about enjoying life and adopting a game that you can play all your life." 

"Help Me Play" isn't just for golf. It also provides funds for kids who can't afford admission fees for things like visiting Magic Waters or the Nicholas Conservatory. 

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