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City of Dixon looking to attract 'boat loads' of travelers


A $200,000 proposal by the City of Dixon's Mayor Jim Burke, would add boat docks at Heritage Crossing.

"There's going to be 'boat loads' of people that come up the river, if we have docks here," Burke said. "They will go to the restaurants, to the bars so they can socialize here."

Burke is making his final big push for boat docks before he steps down as mayor.

After 16 years in office, Burke says he knows what the city needs.

"We received a petition from over 400 people living downstream from Dixon along the river and in close proximity to the river requesting that we put up boat docks," Burke said.

To add the docks, it would cost the city around $200,000.

But Dixon isn't looking to sink deep into all of its taxpayers' pockets.

Instead, Burke says the city would use the money it makes from video gaming.

"It's not coming out of the general fund, it's not coming out of any taxes or anything else, so the money is there," Burke said. "The money is there to do it, it would be a good use of gambling money."

Burke says the project is not just about boat docks, it's about economic development.

During the summer, the Rock River sees hundreds of boaters, kayakers and canoers.

The docks will help attract these travelers putting Dixon back on the map.

"I think after we get these boat docks, in between that and the Rock River being a National Water Trail we can make Dixon a destination," Burke adds.

The city discussed the project during its final budget meeting, city council still needs to sign off on it.

Final approval of the budget isn't until April 20th.

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