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Loves Park police working to improve dangerous intersections

LOVES PARK (WREX) - Loves Park sees hundreds of car crashes, each year. Many of them in areas you might drive through every day. Police are looking to tackle those issues head-on.

"There's a lot more traffic on the road in our community than there was ten years ago," said Loves Park Deputy Chief Chuck Lynde.

Loves Park police saw nearly 800 car crashes in 2014, a 10% increase from 2013. Police have also noticed a pattern, about a third of those collisions happened at the same twelve intersections.

Police say the Perryville Road and Harlem Road intersection saw the highest number of car crashes last year. The intersections of Riverside Boulevard and Forest Hills Road as well as Harlem and Alpine Roads, also saw several accidents.

"We have a lot of accidents where it's rear-end collisions and you just have to be a lot more focused when you are driving," adds Lynde.

With 12 crossings as hot spots for fender-benders, police are taking action. Loves Park has already stepped up patrols at the intersections with the most crash-counts. Officers are watching over speed and red light violations.

"Does there need to be a change?" asks Lynde. "Can signage improve or reduce the number of accidents? Do we need to look at [adding] 'no right turns on red'? Should they be allowed at these particular intersections?"

Until police come up with those answers they need you, the drivers, to pave the way for a safer commute.

"We could have a significant reduction if people were more attentive to what's going on around them on the road," said Lynde.

Loves Park Police will also be working with the Loves Park Public Works Department and Highway Department, to work together on ways of improving safety on the roads.

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