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Uber already seeing success in Rockford


A new company in Rockford is revving up big business. Uber started three weeks ago in the city and it has already hit some milestones.

"We are the busiest, we've had the most completed trips," says Toby Niedermeier, Rockford Uber driver.

Uber launched February 15, 2015 in Rockford. It also launched in five other cities including Champaign/Urbana, Bloomington/Normal and Aurora. Even Rockford's mayor highlighted some of the success of the company during his state of the city address.

"We're the number one satellite city outside of Chicago since the launch a couple weeks ago," Mayor Larry Morrissey. 

Niedermeier is new to Uber. He says the car service fills a void in Rockford. By noon most days he's already had a busy morning.

"It's very beneficial for customers that need to get to and from work. I've had some that do not have licenses, some that do not have vehicles," says Niedermeier.

Besides driving workers who don't have transportation, Niedermeier says a lot of the time he's picking up people at bar closing time. Niedermeier made nearly 200 trips in three weeks taking one person all the way to downtown Chicago.

But for him the most important part of Uber, it's a paycheck. It allows niedermeier to work and still be around to help take care of his daughter.

"I'm pretty much my own boss. I can work when I want and end my day when I want," says Niedermeier.

Neidermeier reminds people who use Uber, the app should have the license plate of the vehicle and a picture of your driver, make sure those match before you get in any car.

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