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New Rockford business offering free car washes


After pushing back its opening date twice, East State Street welcomes a new business.

Extreme Clean of Rockford is now open and it's offering free car washes.

"It's awesome that they opened Extreme Clean," said Extreme Clean Customer Gilbert Espinoza. "My van is now extremely clean".

"This is actually the first car wash that I came to that actually got my car clean," adds another Extreme Clean Customer Donald Huston.

Salt covered vehicles were lining up to take advantage of the business's grand opening deal over the weekend.

Until Tuesday, Extreme Clean will be offering its $15 wash to customers for free.

Extreme Clean General Manager Mike Schultheis says just this weekend he's had around 3,000 customers.

Cars were backed up along East State Street but moving swiftly.

"I've heard customers say for how busy we are it's actually moving really quickly," said Schultheis. "It's only taken about 15 minutes to go through the line."

The business also has a "Dog Wash".

You can leash up your pup and wash your dog for only $7.

While the free car washes come to an end this week, there will be one no-cost service year-round.

"All of our vacuums are free as long as our doors are open," adds Schultheis.

Doors open at 7 a.m., seven days a week and close at 8 PM.

As cars were leaving clean, customers were leaving happy.

"There's a couple other ones [car washes] like it, but they just don't do the job like this one is doing."

When asked if Espinoza would return, he responded, "Probably tomorrow".

Extreme Clean is also looking to hire part-time and full time employees.

To apply, visit Extreme Clean located at 5051 east state street.

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