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Boone County Historical Museum looks to bring pieces of history to the classroom

BOONE COUNTY (WREX) - The Boone County Historical Museum is launching its new project "Teacher Trunks" as an effort to bring actual historical artifacts to students.

"Bring the museum to the school, if the school can't come here on a field trip," says Executive Director Anna Gill of the Boone County Historical Museum.

They will be available for any teacher at any school or homeschool to rent.

Each trunk will have a different theme, like The Civil War, WWI, The Great Depression or Native American History.

The trunks will contain real touchable artifacts, documents, and supplementary material for use in class lessons.

"It adds such a dynamic to their education," says Gill. "To be able to see and touch these things and get hands on experience instead of just seeing things behind glass at the museum."

But museum officials need your help to build these trunks.

"What we are hoping to do is get the community involved by donating maybe some artifacts that they have sitting in their attics or laying around," Gill says.

The museum is looking for donations to build these trunks. Items could include military uniforms, documents, diaries, pictures, rations stamps or period clothing.

They are also looking for small to medium sized trunks, antique suitcases and boxes.

Teachers can then rent these trunks and bring them to their students.

There will be a small fee but Gill says they haven't worked out all of the details. 

The goal is to make at least 20 trunks in the next couple of months and the museum plans to provide lesson plans along with the boxes.

The lesson plans will be for 1st through 6th graders.

As the program develops, Boone County historians hope to reach middle school classrooms and even high schools.

"There's so much potential here. There's so many different avenues and themes we can take on with this project," Gill adds.

Once the trunks are complete, the museum will post them on their website.

If you would like to donate, call the Boone County Historical Museum at (815) 544-8391 and ask for Anna or Lonna.
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