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Freeport teen arrested near murder scene, Defense says no evidence ties him to it

File photo of murder scene, Oct. 2013. File photo of murder scene, Oct. 2013.
Oct. 2013 Oct. 2013

A trial begins for a Freeport teen accused of shooting a man to death two years ago. Carl Green, Junior was killed after getting off work at the Snack King plant. Traveontaye Berry is accused of shooting him while Green walked down the street. But while the state is starting its case, the defense is raising questions about a lack of physical evidence.

 On October 16, 2013, Carl Green, Jr. ended his shift at the Snack King plant in Freeport. Prosecutors say he was heading to a friend's house on the city's southeast side when he was shot.

"He suffered four gunshot wounds to the chest and one went through his heart," says John Vogt, Stephenson County State's Attorney.

Freeport Police say they caught Traveontaye Berry as he was running from that area. But the defense says there was no gunshot residue on Berry's hands. They also tested gloves and a shirt he was wearing.

"Those two things were tested for gunshot residue and not a single particle of gunshot residue came back on those clothes," says Travis Lutz, defense attorney.

Police found a gun in the area where Berry ran from. There was also no physical evidence tying to him. What the Stephenson County State's Attorney John Vogt says the state does have is a witness who picked out berry as the shooter.

"Ultimately through a photographic lineup pointed to a picture of this defendant, over here, this individual as the person who was on his butt firing a gun outside of her door," says Vogt.

But the defense accuses her of tampering with evidence and repeatedly changed her story to police. They say she is the only person who says Berry was the shooter. And no other evidence, not DNA, gunshot residue or any physical evidence connecting him to Green's death.

"At the conclusion of this entire case you, none of you will be presented with any kind of physical evidence that says Traveontaye Berry shot anybody, handled any gun or was even near any gun," says Lutz.

Berry has plead not guilty. The trial is expected to last a week.

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