City Official: Sunday's storm could cost Rockford $500,000 - – Rockford’s News Leader

City Official: Sunday's storm could cost Rockford $500,000


On the fourth anniversary of what some call the "Blizzaster," the snowstorm hitting the area could cost the City of Rockford upwards of half a million dollars.

According to Public Works Director Tim Hanson, the city has all 24 plows on the road, and will switch crews every 12 hours. The city has also contracted 157 smaller plows through Rabine Snow Pros at a cost of  $350-400,000. That, plus the 2,000-3,000 tons of salt the city has laid down on main streets, will put the total expected cost to possibly top $500,000.

Rabine is contracted to stay on the operation until the city declares an end to the snow emergency, which Hanson expects to be completed by Monday afternoon.

Hanson compared this snowstorm to the "Blizzaster" February 1, 2011. That year, Rockford received 15 inches of snow. The total cost of that snow and plow operation was close to $700,000.

Hanson stresses that those who do not need to be out on the roads to stay home. He also says police officers will ticket those not parked on the odd side of the street, as required by law.

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