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Local businesses making final preps for Super Bowl Sunday


It's considered one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, the Super Bowl.

Although kick off isn't until Sunday, area businesses have already begun prepping for the super sized orders.

Whether you're staying in or going out millions will be watching this Sunday's Super Bowl.

"We've been preparing for this for about three weeks getting ready for this." said Papa John's Operating Partner, Tom Baudhuin.

Papa John's Pizza will have more than 100 employees waiting on hand to take your order.

Baudhuin says they expect 45% of their orders to come in before the game.

We've made sure we'll have the right amount of people here, when the phones are going to ring," said Baudhuin. "We've brought in the product a head of time, a lot of the boxes and the dry goods and that type of thing."

People planning on going out for the game can also expect to see large crowds.

Local bar, Scoreboard expects a crowd of nearly 250 people.

"We have done this so many times the staff is incredible so I have full faith in them." said Scoreboard Bar & Grill Vice President of Operations, Michael Prosser. "I'll be here, we'll be walking around talking to people, so we are overly prepared."

The bar is preparing two different buffets and enough seating for everyone who wants in.

"I rearranged the tables, I added more and then the over flow is the front half of the dinning room," said Prosser. "I have another TV in here where the buffets are at as well."

Even though the Bears or Packers aren't playing in this years game, Scoreboard Bar and Grill and Papa Johns Pizza are ready for kickoff.

"If the Packers were in I would have to have some people sit outside," said Prosser. "But unfortunately that's not the case but we are still going to be really packed and I'm excited about this weekend.

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