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Rockford's Mayor weighs in on a controversial council vote

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Rockford's Mayor weighs in after a proposal to revamp public housing in one part of the city, is given a thumbs down by council.

It means particular federal grant money goes away.

But Mayor Larry Morrissey says not all hope is not lost.

Many of the residents of Fairgrounds Valley know something needs to change.

"Renovations are very important we have a lot of children over here," said Fairgrounds resident, Jessica Wilson. "There's a lot of violence, we need things for them to do."

Wilson has lived at the Rockford Public Housing Authority property for more than a year.

She was disappointed to hear city council members didn't approve of the "Choice Grant" proposal.

So was the mayor.

"I understand where they are coming from," said Mayor Morrissey. "Our efforts aren't finished by any means.

The proposal called for 140 new units to be built in the Ellis Heights Neighborhood.

Almost half would've gone in Fairgrounds after being torn down.

Mayor Morrissey says the consensus seemed to be that it was too much, for too little of an area.

"I think we will do moving forward is ask 'how do you create a less dense design' and one that just doesn't involve the city of Rockford but involves the entire region," said Mayor Morrissey.

He's hopeful another option will emerge.

"I think the better way to approach it would be for the federal government, states government to work with us and develop a plan where we don't have to approach it like its a lottery," said Morrissey.

Wilson and her family are also hopeful.

"It's not bad, I grew up in a neighborhood that's worse than these projects," said Wilson. "So its really not that they just need to do a lot of more things when they didn't pass that money they messed it up, we need this stuff renovated your right if it looked nicer more people would want to come."

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