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Some Rockford residents upset over Fairgrounds Valley not slated for demolition


Some Rockford public housing residents are upset their complex is not slated for demolition.

City Council voted down a multi-million dollar federal grant to replace Fairgrounds Valley with newer homes.

A mother who lives at Fairgrounds Valley did not want to reveal her identity but did want to show us what it's like to live at the housing complex.

"It's horrible over here, I mean the kids, there is nothing for them to do no type of programs, no types of activities, only thing they can do is sit outside and talk but its not even safe even sit outside, why wouldn't they tear this down," the woman said.

Tuesday, City Alderman voted down the Choice Grant.

It would have provided $28 million in federal funding to tear down Fairgrounds Valley and replace it with single family homes.

The vote was 8 to 2.

Thirteenth Ward Alderman, Linda McNeely, whose ward includes Fairgrounds voted against that redevelopment plan.

She released a statement saying, " I have no confidence in Rockford Housing Authority based on history, recent history, including the last application for this. I still have minority concerns about participation in any construction with any federal or state tax dollars and I just haven't seen it."

Sixth Ward Alderman, Marcus Hill voted in favor of the Choice Grant.

He's disappointed.

"I've been inside these buildings I know what they look like," said Hill. "So to give them something new it tells them that 'hey we haven't forgotten about you'".

The woman says she has to make due with what she's got.

And right now, that's this home in Fairgrounds Valley.

The Rockford Housing Authority is looking at other options for redeveloping Fairgrounds.

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