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Milk 2 My Plate program gets $49k grant

ROCKFORD (WREX) -  Some local families in need are about to have easier access to milk every week

The Telligen Community Initiative and the Northern Illinois Food Bank announce a $49,000 grant to help fund the Milk 2 My Plate program.  

The program was set up in 2012 and provides over 10,000 gallons of milk to families in need every month.  

"For many of our neighbors in need the cost of milk can be a barrier. This program looks to get the milk out to families in need to make sure they get the nutrients to lead happy and healthy and productive lives," said Erik Jacobsen with Northern Illinois Food Bank. 

"We would rather have our kids fill up on nutritious calories than empty calories. This is one of the vehicles than can do that," said Kim Adams-Bakke with Rock River Valley Pantry. 

Milk 2 My Plate currently gives out about 200 gallons per week and also provides families access to fresh eggs.
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