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TODAY'S TALK: Have you ever had something valuable returned to you after losing it?


Quite the find. A man in San Francisco receives an unexpected call. 35 years ago, he lost his class ring while surfing. Two weeks ago a, treasure hunter, discovered it on the beach. It bore his initials and high school. The hunter found the original owner after looking through alumni records. 13 News Today wanted to know if you had ever lost anything you wish was recovered, or if you had a similar story.

Here's what viewers had to say:

—"All of my jewelry was stolen several years ago when we lived in Davis Jct...Wish someone could at least find my class ring, mother's ring, charm bracelet and the compact my Grandmother had given me from the Chicago world's fair." -Pam Oleson

—"I lost my class ring wish i could find it." -Bre Stovall Vaughn

—I lost my class ring while sailing on a Hobie Cat sail boat with my brother. That was near Jensen Beach causeway in FL. About forty years ago," -Chuck Gordon

—"My brother graduated in 1969 without his class ring. He was shooting hoops with friends in the gym when he and another guy jumped for the ball. The other guys hand hit against my brothers hand and...skinny fingers that he has....the ring flew off. They heard it land but never found it. Flash forward about 25-ish lights were being installed and there, lying on one of the rafters, was my brothers ring! Small town and three initials with the graduating year, it was easy to figure out who owned it." -Suellen Salmon Anderson

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