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NASR Belvidere Park District opens new facility to accommodate growing need in communities

BELVIDERE (WREX) - When teens graduate from high school they often move on to college or into the work force.

But for those with certain disabilities, opportunities might be more limited.

One Belvidere program is working to change that.

And it's growing in the process.

"My son will be 24 in a couple of months what would he be doing? We were seriously looking at other states cause we have to keep him going just like we keep going cause he deserves that, they all deserve it." said Midge McCaffery.

Mccaffery's son is a participant at Northlands Association for Special Recreation, also known as NASR.

Its a nonprofit organization, through the Belvidere Park District, providing special recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

To accommodate a growing need in our community, NASR has just relocated to a larger facility.

"Once they reach a certain age they still have somewhere else to go, so they'll always have a place to go, no matter how old they are," said Special Recreation Manager, Katie Humphrey.

NASR currently serves roughly 50 families from communities like Belvidere, Rockford, and Freeport.

Now that there's more space the program hopes to help more people.

"Its nice to know as a parent, a working parent, that there are places for our children where they're safe, where they're cared for, they're challenged and they're happy," said parent, Rebecca Wesselhoff.

Big enough to house all of its services under one roof.

"We won't have to go to a different facility every time we need something so its been really a great opportunity for us," said Humphrey.

To grow and provide a place to call home for participants the goal of NASR.

"Thankful for the park district because my son wouldn't have a happy place to go too," said McCaffery.

To learn more about the organization or how to get involved, check out its website at:

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