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Rosecrance expanding services to Chicago to better serve college students


A Rockford not-for-profit organization is expanding its services to the Chicago area.

Experts say when it comes time for young adults to start college, they're often faced with an environment exposing them to new pressures.

Whether it's drugs, alcohol or even mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, they may not know where to turn.

"When you are in college most people know that during that time of life its especially challenging around drug and alcohol abuse and so we really want to help provide support for that group." said Christopher Yadron, Rosecrance Director of Chicago Recovery Services.

While Chicago is one of the biggest cities in America, he says it's in need of resources for college kids.

This new program is meant for all college students in the windy city including, ones from Rockford.

"There are a lot of young people from the Rockford region, Northern Illinois who go to school in Chicago," said Judy Emerson, Rosecrance Director of Communications. "That we may have served when they were teenagers and we want to complete the loop for them and help them sustain recovery."

The initiative will consist of two parts.

First, a safe haven.

Up to 30 students can live in a sober environment receiving treatment.

"One of the most important things for this population is that they feel very isolated because so many of their peers use drugs and alcohol regularly," said Yadron. "So we want to have a real strong sense of community in the program."

The second part provides outpatient services like counseling, psychiatric support, academic and recovery coaching.

Rosecrance says this is a one-of-a-kind program even on the national scale.

"There are very few treatment centers that have stepped up to fill this need." said Emerson.

Targeting a group with newfound independence but still needing guidance to grow.

Rosecrance hopes to open this new facility within a year.

We'll keep you updated on its progress.

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