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TODAY'S TALK: Should kids have to do school work from home on snow days


Just like adults can now work from home, technology may soon eliminate snow days for children.

It's happening in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where St. Cloud Cathedral High School Principal Lynn Grewing had plans to keep snow days from piling up in snow-ridden town.

The thought is if the kids could break out laptops or iPads and work from home, there wouldn't be any productivity lost.

Last winter's brutal cold and snow canceled five days of class at St. Cloud Cathedral, leading to school days during Easter break and pushing the year a few days into summer.

Kids would sit in on a virtual classroom on their computers to receive lessons, just like they were in the classroom.

13 News wanted to know what you thought.

Here are some of your responses from our Facebook page:

— "I think it's a great idea. This would occupy students during the day rather than watching tv or playing video games all day, and keep the momentum of learning progressing" - Megan Parker

— "What would the kids without Skype do? Or if a family has Skype, but has several kids? Four kids can't use the same computer/tablet at the same time." - Jennifer Jones

— "Just send us a packet for the whole month of January! Not everyone can Skype. January is nothing but a big bucket of yuck" -Karen Taylor

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