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Rockford Public Schools dealing with heating system issues


Kids will eventually go back to school in Rockford. When they do, RPS 205 is making sure they come back to warm classrooms.

Administrators admit not all their equipment is running properly, though.

Problems in RPS 205 began to heat up when students returned from Christmas break.

"Once it starts getting this cold it wrecks havoc on us." said Rockford Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Todd Schmidt.

When the cold weather hits, their system begins warming the school buildings 2 hours before students and staff return to the building.

Some of the newer appliances only have to be cut on a half hour before kids arrive.

"We still have some antiquated systems out there and even some of the newer systems when we get this cold weather, things happen." said Schmidt.

Issues like one of the two boilers goes down, fan units freezing up, and even something as simple as a thermostat breaking.

"A thermostat in a classroom that may actually break over night we don't know about that may happen" said Schmidt.

Administrators are working hard to make sure students don't return to any issues.

"We are going to have our staff go inside the buildings early, walk in each of the buildings and check and report anything to our maintenance department if there's any issues in the morning." said Schmidt.

Even teachers are hoping to return to a warm welcoming.

"I mean I hope I'm not going to walk in and have to wear my winter coat, but I don't think that's going to be the case." said Jefferson High School teacher Alexys Cleaver.

Administrators have an automated system that alarms them if a boiler were to go down.

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