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Local families having trouble getting medical marijuana approval from doctors

For some in Illinois, the start of the new year could mean the end to daily seizures.

Medical marijuana use will be legal for approved patients after changes to the law.

Starting in January, the Illinois Department of Health says children with certain health conditions, like epilepsy, can use non-smokable forms of marijuana.

However, that child needs two doctors to approve it.

Until a week ago, those patients only needed to have one doctor's approval.  

But according to the Epilepsy Foundation in Rockford, finding even one doctor to approve it, hasn't been easy.

Area doctors say lack of research in the region is making them hesitant to approve marijuana prescriptions.

That means many of the epilepsy foundation's clients won't be able to start treatment by the start of 2015.

"They quit calling back because I keep saying we haven't found anyone yet, we are working on it. But I get calls everyday. So far, I have not found any doctors who will prescribe," Epilepsy Foundation Director of Client Services, Barbara Vern-Lau said.

States that already legalized the use of medical marijuana, like Colorado, have similar guidelines like needing two doctors approvals.

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