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Busiest time of year for garbage collection


Typically, the week after Christmas is one of the busiest garbage and recycling days of the year.

Stacks of presents line the streets ready for pick up.

Rock River Disposal workers are hard at work collecting over-flowing recycling bins and trash cans.

"There's a lot of presents a lot of boxes, its a pretty busy time for us this year." said Rock River Disposal Recycle Driver Chad Houtz.

Houtz says he's seeing a lot more recyclables than actual trash.

"This is the recycle season right after Christmas," said Houtz.

"Typically this time of year recycle probably goes up 20 to 30%," said Rock River Disposal Operations Manager Rocco Guglielmetti, "Just because of all the holiday packages, champaign bottles and other things like that."

Guglielmetti says it usually takes two weeks for trucks to pick up all the holiday trash.

Even with workers out this past Saturday, to make up for their day off on Christmas.

Soon they'll also have another holiday leftover to haul away.

"Trees will get picked up in a couple weeks, curbside," said Guglielmetti, "If you can't get them dropped off to the designated drop off sites throughout the city."

But you won't hear them complaining about all the work especially this year.

"Last year we were blow zero and a foot of snow on the ground and fighting that and snow banks, some people have missed the snow, we do not." said Guglielmetti.

"I'm just glad there's no snow or ice on the ground it makes it a lot easier for us we've had pretty warm weather and I'm just grateful to have a job." said Houtz.

There is no garbage collection on New Year's Day meaning those who typically get their trash picked up on Thursday, will instead be on Friday and so fourth.

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