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Holiday travel season is busiest experts have ever seen


Experts consider this the busiest time of year for travelers, if you're headed home this weekend from holiday celebrations.

Whether you are flying, taking a train or hitting the road, you're not alone.

AAA says this year is the busiest holiday traveling season its ever seen, with as many as 98.6 million Americans taking a trip.

"That's a 4 percent increase and that's the most we've seen since we began keeping records since 2001." said Tiffany Wright with AAA.

Holiday Traveler Ryan Truong said, "I'm going back home but I was up here in Winnebago to see my friends for the holidays."

Truong is from Monroe, Wisconsin.

He's one of thousands driving through the Rockford area.

"We've been traveling around the city looking at lights," said holiday traveler Jamie Castle "We are ready to hit the road for NYE its been a very blessed weekend."

According to AAA, nine-out-of-ten travelers will drive to their holiday destinations.

Many of those travelers are fueled by lower prices at the pump.

"Oh my God, amazing, it's so cheap!" said Truong "It used to be what a dollar more?"

People traveling through Rockford could see gas prices as low at $2.19.

The average price in our area is currently $2.29.

That's down more than a dollar from last year with an average price of $3.34.

But gas prices can't take all the credit.

"The weather its a beautiful time to be out with your family." said Castle.

Lower fuel costs and higher temperatures, dramatic changes from last year, in Rockford and the on the road.

"I'll tell you what we did miss the white christmas," said Castle "But as far as being out and about and getting to take in the Rockford sights and the Christmas lights it really has been great."

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