Globetrotters take to Rockford, Lightning alum returns - – Rockford’s News Leader

Globetrotters take to Rockford, Lightning alum returns

The Harlem Globetrotters have wowed audiences in thousands of exhibition games with their crazy dunks and half court shots. They brought their show to Rockford on Saturday.

Fans enjoyed a great exhibition, as well as a local reunion. The Rockford Lightining dance team returned at halftime, as well as former Lightning star Ronnie Fields for a presentation to the former team's owners.

"Oh man to be back here, it brings back so many memories, because actually this is where my professional career started. So to be able to come back here and visit the Tiempe's, and give them an award, when I got the call I was supposed to be out of town, I was like no, this meant more because I started here. I started my professional career, and to come down here, I almost walked into the locker room, but like I said it was a great experience and great to be back in Rockford."

Fields spent two stints with the Lightning along with other various professional teams in the US and overseas.

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