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Boylan QB throwing the bowling alley

ROCKFORD (WREX) - Demry Croft will play football at Minnesota after a successful Boylan career. Before he goes to the Big Ten, he's trying his hand at bowling. It's a new endeavor that Croft says came from some grandfatherly inspiration.

"When I was little he always had bowling balls and trophies in his house, and I'd be like, 'Grandpa, what's that?' He'd say it's just a bowling ball and trophy, no big deal. He then took me one time and bowled a 270 easy, and I told him I want to do that too one day. Now I have the chance to do that and it's fun."

Croft is now throwing strikes in the bowling alley after tossing his fare share of touchdowns on the football field. He says the objective in both is simple.

"You gotta hit the target. That's the similarity. If you miss your target, you don't get a strike, and if you miss your target in football, you don't hit your receiver. A lot of footwork, that's definitely for sure. Arm motion, kind of."

He's still taking his coach's advice to heart and making necessary adjustments.

"He's an athlete, and like I told him before, the problem that you're going to have is all timing," says Boylan bowling coach Steven McGriff. "It's the same as it is in throwing a football. You gotta have good timing and he's struggling with that. He's throw his fair share of gutterballs, and he's gonna get his fair share of strikes, but timing is key."

Croft towers over his new teammates, but the transition from one sport to the other was seamless.

"They're not football players, but they're pretty fun to play with. They came at me with open arms, so it was easy for me to come here," Croft says.

"Bowling is a community and it always has been. With bowling being a community, we accept everybody in, it's just awesome," said McGriff.

He may be Big Ten bound, but in this new athletic arena, Croft is just one of the guys.

"He is one of the most humble kids I've ever met in my life. He really is, he's a great kid to coach," McGriff says. "Listens intently, will take everything that we tell him. He's an awesome, awesome child."

Croft still has his preference when presented with pins or football points.

"It is a great experience, but i don't think it compares to throwing touchdowns."

The Golden Gophers await, but Croft won't mind throwing an X or two before his next touchdown.
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