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The 2014 holiday shopping season sees an increase in sales


There are just a few days left in holiday shopping season.

It's the biggest money maker of the year for businesses.

The question is how did they do?

Sales during the months of November and December can account for as much as 20 to 40% of their bottom line, according to the National Retail Federation.

"We actually saw an increase this year so far." said local business owner Krystine Vermeer.

Vermeer owns the store Infinitely Sweet, in the Edgebrook Shopping Center.

The store will mark its fifth year anniversary, in August 2015.

"We had a great year we are real pleased with the amount of people who seem to be following through on the shop local, shop small." said Vermeer

The Retail Federation's Holiday forecast predicts businesses will see about 4% increase this season compared to last year's.

Meaning they'll take in nearly 617 billion dollars in sales.

Obviously not all of that trickles down to Main Street, but some of it will.

"There has been a sort of transition of people wanting to shop local and sort of moving away from that corporate culture." said Salvaged by Sonya employee Sally Leaf.

Leaf says the city's Stroll on State event gave them a big boost right when they needed it.

We saw a ton of foot traffic as did every business on this strip during Stroll on State," said Leaf "And that's really continued as a trend throughout the holiday season."

And with the new year almost here, there's a sense of optimism for what lies ahead.

"As we see the transition that Rockford is going through its so important for consumers and just people in the city to just keep supporting local businesses," said Leaf. "You know eat at our restaurants and shop downtown because this is the heart and soul of the city."

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