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IHSA's Student Section Contest

ROCKFORD (WREX) - The IHSA is holding a state-wide contest to determine which high school has the best student section. YouTube video submissions are due in February, so the 13 Sports Authority decided to ask a simple question - what makes a good cheering section for our region's prep teams?

"We just like to make all types of noise, they're really good at keeping us pumped up all the time, they have creative chants and they're always in the game," according to Hononegah's Shaylar Burnell.

"It just shows how much we care about our school and how much we care about our varsity team. A good student section is loud and enthusiastic," says Jefferson's Jeremiah Johnson.

It's an unmistakable sound during high school games - cheers and themes from the students. It's a legacy that's passed down for generations.

"What makes us the best in the state is that it's a tradition here at Auburn, the a team has been here for years even before we were seniors. It's just a great tradition, with Coach Ott and a great basketball team to go with it," Knights senior Brett Garst says.

"Coach Ott gives them [A-Team t-shirts] to us every year and I think it's just the pride we have in our school and our team and how well we do in school and on the court," says Auburn's Paige Perkins.

Bragging rights are on the line every night, but these sections take pride in uniting for games.

"It shows how much a family we are at Hononegah and it's just nice to see the support we have on the court at all times," says Burnell.

Boylan's Anthony Gaziano agrees. "We're just loud, we're crazy, we're always in the game and we're a family. Titan Nation, that's where it's at."

Now that a statewide contest is at stake, what do these spirited folks have up their sleeves? Gaziano would rather not say.

"It's confidential. It's a secret. Magicians never reveal their secrets."

We have until February 6th to find out who gets the top honors, and who can talk some more trash at their next game.

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