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Auto thefts on the rise in Rockford


A drop in temperature, means a rise in auto theft.

Police arrest three teens this morning, for stealing cars and none of them are even old enough to drive.

13. 14. and 15.

That's how old the three suspects are, who were arrested and booked in the Winnebago County Juvenile Assessment Center.

"None of the individuals involved had any type of drivers license, they are all well under the driving age."

Northern Illinois Auto Theft Task Force Inspector, Marc Welsh said, "The teens now face several charges including Auto Theft and Resisting Arrest."

But the suspects actually had some unlikely help stealing these cars.

"Of the three cars that were stolen, last night or early this morning," said Welsh "Two of the three were left running by the owners."

It's illegal to leave your car running, unattended with the keys in the ignition.

"It is a violation of the Illinois Vehicle code and you are subject to arrest." said Welsh.

Car thefts are up 2% this year compared to last, according to Rockford Police.

Last year at this time there were 362.

So far this year we've seen 369.

"Please don't leave your car running, if you really need to leave your car running buy a remote start for a couple hundred dollars is a whole bunch cheaper than the other costs from having your vehicle stolen."

And in some cases your insurance won't cover the cost.

So when you are getting ready for work and want to warm up your car, you may want to think twice about the consequences.

"These individuals are looking for other cars to steal and while they are driving around in a stolen car and if you leave your car running, your car is a prime target for them to steal."

Today's arrests was a joint effort by law enforcement, which included Rockford Police, Illinois State Police and the Northern Illinois Auto Theft Task Force.

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