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Families plan funerals instead of Christmas after Rockford's quadruple homicide

Demontae Rhodes Demontae Rhodes
Calvin Rhodes wipes away tears talking about his son. Calvin Rhodes wipes away tears talking about his son.
Demontae Rhodes Demontae Rhodes
The investigation continues into the shooting deaths of four people including 2 children. Rockford Police say they are looking for several people who knew the victims for questioning.

Demontae Rhodes, 24, Martia Flint, 24, and her two sons 6-year-old Tyrone and 4-year-old Tobias Smith were all killed inside a home on Montrose Avenue Saturday.

The FBI is involved in this investigation.

Instead of planning for Christmas now the family members of the quadruple murder victims are planning funerals. The Rhodes family knows there will be unopened presents for their son and three surrogate family members, his girlfriend and her two young boys.

"Today was the first day that I realized that this is the first day for the rest of my life I won't have my son. It's something that's hard to fathom, it's hard to understand," says Charles Rhodes, Demontae Rhodes' father.

Demontae Rhodes, 24, was gunned down in his girlfriend's home Saturday night on the city's northwest side. He was killed along with his girlfriend Martia Flint, 24 and her sons Tyrone Smith, 6, and Tobias Smith, 4.

"He was their surrogate father for them. He was their step-father, he was their father. And that was one thing that I was proud of my son about," says Rhodes.

Rhodes says Demontae and his girlfriend had just gotten back together. They have been dating on and off for three or four years. They had planned to bring the boys over to Rhodes' house to celebrate Christmas.

"He loved those boys. If something was going to happen to Demontae they were going to go through him first," says Rhodes.

Demontae Rhodes was also training to be a pro boxer. He had competed in the Golden Gloves tournament, winning runner up in 2011. Demontae, his father and trainer went to Chicago Saturday to spar with a higher level boxer. A few hours later Demontae, Martia and her children were all dead.

"It's going to be a long process. His death won't be in vain," says Rhodes.

Demontae's father says for the person who killed his son that's something that person will have to live with. He is trusting in God to take care of it.

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