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Rockford family's Christmas display gets stolen from yard

It's a scene right out of How the Grinch Stole Christmas after a Rockford family got their holiday display stolen. The items were taken right out of their front yard while they slept.

"Woke up this morning and realized half of our Christmas decorations were gone," says Jaclyn Guth.

She immediately told her mother who called the police. A reindeer was the only thing left from the Guth family's front yard display along with some extension cords. There was a scene set up with moving deer, a metal tree and lights until someone took them.

"We think that they may have been startled because they left one lone reindeer," says Joe Guth.

He says tonight he will take the remaining piece inside to keep it safe. Joe's worried the thieves might figure if its out it will be easy pickings. He says right now he's not really mad about it but doesn't understand.

"It's kind of like this, really? Really, you are stealing Christmas ornaments?" asks Joe Guth.

The family says they will leave the lights up on their house but now they will have a bare front yard.

"It's just the idea to not only purchase them but to set them back up for people to enjoy as they drive by as well as ourselves," says Joe Guth.

"I was definitely surprised that this is a time of giving and people are stealing. It just doesn't make sense," says Jaclyn Guth.

The Guths tell 13 News on their private Rolling Green neighborhood watch page other neighbors say they have had some of the items from their displays taken as well.

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