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Local paleontologists discuss dinosaurs in Jurassic Park series


More than a decade after the third Jurassic Park hit theaters, a local expert weighs in on the dinosaurs seen in the Jurassic World trailer.

The movie is described by paleontologists as a monster movie with genetically-altered creatures and mixes of dinosaurs never seen before.

Burpee Museum of Natural History has been breaking ground the past decade making its own discoveries of prehistoric animals.

Most notably, Jane, a juvenile T-Rex.

According to Burpee Museum Director, Zach Williams, many of the museum's latest findings may not be found in this new movie.

"It's interesting that what you see so far in the trailer is many of the dinosaurs look very similar to the dinosaurs in the first Jurassic Park which came out, oh, 20 years ago now," Williams said.

Birds are what many experts say are modern day dinosaurs.

Unlike the scaly creatures seen in movies, many were fully feathered.

Other characteristics like, hollow bones, egg shells, and hip structure links birds to many dinosaurs.

Another difference is behavior.

Experts say the way dinosaurs act can't be traced from fossils easily.

But in many of the movies, these animals are constantly preying on each other.

Williams believes dinosaurs weren't that different from today's animals that only fight each other when they are hungry.

But even with these flaws, many paleontologists are excited for another Jurassic movie.

"The cool thing about Jurassic Park and hopefully Jurassic World is it gets kids excited about science again," Williams said.

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