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Debate continues over weekend code enforcement in Rockford


They are called in to check properties breaking rules, like excess trash or overgrown weeds.

But some people don't feel Rockford's code enforcement is doing enough.

Eighth Ward Alderman, Jeanne Oddo, says at times homes in her ward look like salvage yards, full of tires, trash, and overgrown weeds.

Other times, properties are turned into car lots, with more than the four cars allowed packing drive ways.

But many times, these problems only happen at night or on the weekends-- when code enforcement is off duty.

"Even if I spot a violation on a weekend, if I call it in on a weekend, it's too late," Oddo said.

Rockford Building Code Official, Seth Sommer, says code enforcers are on hand Monday through Friday during business hours to check out the problems.

The say these hours work best for them.

"Budget, union issues, there's a lot of things that go into it," Sommer said.

While Oddo say's, they need to have someone on call on the weekends to check these issues that don't happen during the week.-- Sommer says that's excessive.

"Most of the issues that happen on the weekends aren't life threatening issues, so we feel that during normal hours, we can fix most of those things," Sommer said.

Oddo disagrees.

"It should not have to depend on life threatening. What it should depend on is quality of life and quality of the neighborhood. So for me, that would be a poor excuse," Oddo said.

The city plans to continue on with the current schedule.

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