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Hoarded Loves Park cats in good health


In Loves Park, homes are only allowed to have at most three pets.

But Friday, the Loves Park police found 37 cats living under one roof.

These cats were taken to the Winnebago County Animal Services department after they were found in this condemned Love's Park home.

Most were caged while the others roamed freely.

"The cats did have food and water, but there was a strong ammonia smell coming from the house," Winnebago County Animal Services Director Jennifer Stacy said.

The strong stench prompted fire crews to wear masks to further investigate the premises.

Once in animal services care, a vet was on hand to treat 34 felines taken into custody.

"There were some cats that were older, that may of had some medical issues, and we are handling those with our veterinarian," Stacy said.

Most, however, seemed to be in good health, according to Winnebago County Animal Services.

"Maybe there was a male or female cat inside and a litter happened and couldn't find a home for the litter mates," Stacy said.

But hoarding cases like these aren't illegal in Winnebago County.

Some municipalities like Loves Park, however, put a limit on the number of pets in a home.

But Stacy says that in areas where pet numbers aren't limited, that doesn't mean its a free for all. Animal services can still step in.

"We can look at is a person trying to breed or if they trying to sell, because there are permits that they have to get if they are going to do that. We can also check on rabies shots," Stacy said.

This case is still under investigation, Winnebago County Animal Services could not comment on whether these cats will be returned to the owner.

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