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Roscoe Village Police Department's future still up in the air


Roscoe's dispute over the future of its police department continues, but as of right now, they won't be looking to the public for input.

Village president, David Krienke, tells me tonight's move shows some trustees want to construct a new police department, but are afraid residents will disagree.

Other trustees say Krienke's push for community input is a political ploy.

This building dates back to early fifty's.

And what used to be a car lot now is used as the Roscoe Police Department.

But issues like an outdated heating and cooling system, are putting the future use of this facility in question.

Village president David Krienke believes it's best to stay put to save money.

"We could do a major renovation or even a small addition to the building," Krienke said.

But if the village is already going to be spending money, others feel it might as well be spent on an entirely new building.

"I just don't see where the money is going to come from if we aren't going to go further into debt," Krienke said.

Funds, according to Krienke, are already stretched thin.

Changing the way trash pick-up is done was a way he said the village could make more money.

However, he wanted to ask for the publics opinion.

But at tonight's village board meeting, that request was denied.

Some trustees say, with election months away, putting it on the ballot for community input was a tactic for Krienke to get re-elected.

He's see's it a different way.

"They did not want to have citizens input, and to have the citizens give them direction on what where to go in the future," Krienke said.

If passed, the referendum would have been on the April ballot.

The board will review the police department again in the spring.

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