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More Illinois state troopers on duty for holiday weekend


Bar hoppers beware--Illinois state troopers say they have extra eyes on the roadway's tonight.

According to Illinois State Police, alcohol is involved in nearly 40 percent of traffic deaths.

And with tonight being one of the busiest bar nights of the year, an Illinois state troopers aren't taking any chances.

Wednesday, six extra troopers will patrol Rockford streets looking specifically for drunk drivers.

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measures will be taken on Friday and Saturday.

Illinois State Police say this is the busiest traffic day which means more people on the road and more people at risk if someone is driving drunk.

"Most importantly, those who choose to drive impaired, that's our focus tonight and this weekend is that we remove those people from the road way. There's no reason for it," Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Carl Heintz said.

Heintz says, though they'll have extra officers on duty to find those driving under the influence, drivers can do their own part to help.

If you see someone swerving from lane to lane, driving excessively slow, making abrupt stops or missing stops, call 911.

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