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Locals react to Obama's immigration announcement


Obama's announcement was watched closely by undocumented workers.

There are thousands of them in Northern Illinois, according to immigration attorneys.

These attorney's saym, for many, this announcement will bring people in our region a sigh of relief.

Fabiola Grandon-Mayer's knows many people, close to her, living in Northern Illinois illegally.

"They can not relate with others. They can not relate with their neighbors. They suffer hardships with thier jobs because many of them know they are undocumented," Grandon-Mayer said.

For two kids at her church, it meant saying good-bye to their mother as she was deported.

For others in her congregation, it means living day to day in fear.

"It's a fear that everyday they live with that one day, they will return home and their parents won't be here," Grandon-Mayer said.

Obama's announcement allows those millions in America living without documents to stay--temporarily.

They will be given work permits under certain criteria.

"People will have to be living in the United States for not less than five years. They will have to pay a fee and undergo a background check," Immigration Attorney, Sara Dady said.

Fabiola say's this announcement will breathe life for many close to her.

"It will give them an opportunity to dream. To dream that one day, their status can change


uncment does not grant anyone citizenship or a green card.

Critics of the president are accusing him of abusing his powers.

This morning, Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin announced plans to sue the white house over the immigratio

Govenor-elect Bruce Rauner hopes the president will take a more bi-partisan approach and work with congress.

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