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Rockford School District not alone in construction endeavors


With the timeline accepted for the $250 million facilities plan, Rockford Public School District is in a hurry to get their construction bids ready.

This maintenance plan includes additions, renovations, and demolitions.

It is projected to span almost an entire decade, but the district is not alone in its construction endeavors.

Several other projects are getting under way around the region at the same time.

They'll be vying for the same construction resources, according to RPS District 205 School Board Member, Tim Rollins.

"There's the potential that if all these projects come to pass that local contractors will be close to capacity," Rollins said.

Rockford's construction company's will be busy in the coming years-- almost too busy.

With all the upcoming projects, like retail additions and downtown development, it may potentially be stretched thin of its resources.

This could be costly for those wanting those services, like District 205.

"They are going to have to incur extra expenses to fulfill your job."

Rollins says the district will need to be diligent in getting its construction bids in early.

"Contractors at that time, don't know what their schedules will look like in the summer. If they bid in the winter sometimes the prices are lower," Rollins said.

And for the school district, summer is the only time it can do construction on most projects because students aren't in class.

The budget for the facility's plan is fixed.

The board says it does have a little bit of wiggle room in case their bidders are higher than they expected.

But if too many of these bids come in late and they are pricey, it will alter the original plan.

"You are going to have to start deleting from the whole scope of the plan," Rollins said.

If the district see's costs higher than expected, Rollin's says the first step would be to re-design some of the minor projects to be less expensive.

District officials say so far since the plan has been implemented back in 2012, construction has been on-time and on-budget.

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