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Teacher of the Week: Miss Becca from Fairview Early Childhood Center


The most important qualities of a teacher are patience and compassion. At least that's what Fairview Early Childhood Centers principal says about our Teacher of the Week.

Miss Becca has spent four of her seven years teaching at Rockford Public Schools. Now, she's at Fairview, teaching a morning and afternoon preschool class.

Her colleagues say she truly is the best.

"Becca's very deserving," says Principal Darcy Dunn. "She's a very good teacher who goes above and beyond for her students."

Above and beyond in ways many other teachers don't.

"Becca's very sensitive and celebrates diversity, and cares about all of her children succeeding," Darcy says. "So, she teaches based on the students' interest to make sure that everyone is successful."

Principal Darcy says Miss Becca has also been recognized on a higher level.

"Becca was also awarded by the state of Illinois, having our highest department ECERS rating scale," Darcy says. "She's also a lead teacher representing our department."

Her colleagues say fellow teachers can see that what she's doing works, to know they can succeed as well. They say all of the things she does for the students sets her apart.

"(She) sets a high standard for other teachers as a great example of teaching," she says.

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