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Transform Rockford starts strategy stage


After receiving input from thousands of residents across Northern Illinois, Transform Rockford declares its next step towards change in our region- strategy.

Transform Rockford directors say the strategy stage is arguably the most crucial stage of the Transform process.

This phase will show the path to becoming a top 25 community.

For the past year, the initiative has mapped out a vision.

The hope is to be a region recognized for embracing diversity, fostering a crime-free culture, and delivering an excellent education to students.

To do so, they need a plan of attack.

That's where this step comes into play.

They have started to form teams together, which will have different goals in mind, from education and safety to jobs and infrastructure.

According to Transform Rockford Process and Analysis co-chair, Sam Schmitz, the teams will assess and analyze current issues at hand and draft a plan of action.

"They'll start digging into what happened previously, what are some things that worked in other communities, do an analysis across the board on those types of things and then ultimately they will begin to form a strategy around the vision."

Transform Rockford leaders expect this step to take about a year.

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