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Local shops getting creative for holiday season


Shoppers are expected to spend over $600 billion dollars this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation.

Some Rockford businesses are hoping more of those dollars will be spent locally.

A cluster of shops on Rockford's east side is gearing up for the big holiday season.

Owners admit they don't have the big ticket items to draw in the holiday crowds like some stores, but convenience and ambiance are their big selling points.

Lallygag Owner Kim Knutson says creativity is key in staying competitive with the big stores.

"We're on part of the medical mile, so there are some benefits there. And being in a small space, that's why I chose a ten by ten store, so I could start off with low overhead, keep my low prices down."

The location also helps keep costs down.

Where she rents, near the intersection of Alpine and State, means consistent foot traffic.

The cluster of the shops share advertising too, hoping each other will draw in customers for the others.

That also saves money.

"We don't have the quantities of the other stores, so we have to have a good quality."

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