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Teacher of the Week: Mike Lalor of Meridian Junior High

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His unique, fun personality — that's what some say make Mike Lalor of Meridian Junior High a great teacher. Those are just a couple of reasons one of his students nominated him to be our Teacher of the Week.

Mr. Lalor not only coaches the high school football team, he also teaches history at Meridian Junior High. Principal Jill Davis says his personality on the field and in the classroom is much different than what he's like outside of school.

"He's very quiet, very soft spoken," Davis says. "I think he just really enjoys what he does and he gets in those places and he can really show his true personality."

Nicole Bredeson is in 8th grade. She says he teaches differently than what she's used to; he doesn't just read out of a book.

"He reads some parts out of it, and then he makes us do activities, get with other partners, run around the room," she says.

She says he also holds debates.

Those activities, Lalor says, allow him to have fun as well.

"I enjoy coming here everyday Lalor says. "I've never felt like I've gone to work many days of my life. The kids bring great energy, and we get to laugh a lot during the day and I think that's something that most people don't have in their jobs."

His secret? Being able to take a step back and look at history in a different way.

"If you can make kids laugh then it becomes interesting to them as well, and that's been kind of something I've tried to do over the years," he says.

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