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Younger voter turnout expected to be low this election


While early voting numbers are on the rise, those of young voters are expected to decrease.

Experts say for years it's been the case that voter turnout increases with age.

But the reasons why younger voters aren't turning up to the polls has changed, especially in midterm elections.

While the young generation may not agree on what the most pressing issues are in our community, the power of a vote also seems to be divided.

"I vote to have a say and it gives me a voice," Rockford University Student, Ariel Triplett said.

Others find it to be a waste at times.

"I don't think I will every understand the concept of or benefit from, so its not worth it to me," Rockford University, Jonah Kasiem said.

Overall, experts say this generation of young voters ages 18 to 25 are less likely to the fill out a ballot this midterm election.

For starters, experts say young voters are more Libertarian than in generations past.

That means they prefer the government to take a more hands-off approach.

It's not that they don't care about the issues.

They just don't feel government intervention is the answer, therefore, voting is unnecessary.

This generation is also more mobile, they aren't routed in a community like older residents during midterm elections,

Where most issues on the ballot are local...They don't attract the young voters out to the polls.

"During Presidential years, the issues are war and peace, Political Science Professor, Bob Evans said. "They are international issues, and they are energizing issues. These mid-term elections are state and local government. The issues are taxes, education."

Experts say highest numbers were of young voter turnout were in 2008 presidential election.

Those numbers tailed off slightly in the 2012 election and continue to fall.

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