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Rockford City officials to decide what type of store could replace Rural Oak Schnucks

ROCKFORD (WREX) - First it was a fight to keep Schnucks open.

Now it's a fight for some living on Rockford's east side to have another grocery store come in.

The rural street Schnucks has been vacant for about five months.  Residents are concerned about the possibility of Schnucks preventing another grocery store from moving in.

Rockford's zoning board of appeals will meet Tuesday to decide whether a restriction preventing the opening of another grocery store should be in place.  

They'll make a recommendation to the city council either approving or denying this proposal.

If the board recommends approval, eight city council votes will be needed to pass it.

If the board recommends denial, ten votes will be needed to pass that.

Here's what second ward Alderman Jamie Getchius had to say.

"There have been many instances in our city where a grocery store chain has imposed a "non-compete" clause on the sale of their property, resulting in the property sitting vacant for years despite interest from other grocers," Getchius said.

"I firmly believe that the act of a grocery store chain imposing one of these clauses is a cowardly way to avoid competition and runs contrary to the capitalistic principles that our nation is founded on."

Now we also reached out to Schnucks, this is what their reps had to say.

"Use restrictions are not exclusive to Schnucks.  They are a common part of retail real estate development and reflective of the competitive nature of retailing today -- including, but not limited to, the grocery industry."

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